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If I ain’t raising a family, then I’ll adopt a kid.

Or nah.



Your last statement is a double neg. love!

You’re a smart human bean

Thank you

  • *opens the door to my apartment in a city, exhausted after meetings all day with other engineers. It's 8 p.m. I walk past pictures of myself and family and friends and movie posters. I throw my blazer to the couch. It's quiet. I figured, hey let's play some music and smoke shisha. I put on Todd Terje's "It's Album Time" while I'm packing the shisha and by the time I light the coal up, I feel better. It's me time.*

I don’t want to say that it’s impossible for me to find a girl who’s like my mom.

I would consider it to be a miracle or even divine intervention if some pious Catholic conservative girl fell for me.

(Note: Not that I have anything against conservatism in general. Not just politically but it’s like she’s culturally traditional; i.e. the Housewife goody-goody type of girl)

Problem is, I’m not that dream boy. I would be lying to them if i changed myself for them. And that’s a sin too.

Being someone you aren’t. 

That’s a sin.

Perhaps it’s time.

I find it odd that there have been people who’ve told me that “you haven’t met the right people yet”

I think it’s true.

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✿♡rosy/summer blog,i follow back♡✿